Program Calendar

The different program activities and training venues runs smoothly along the 2 years of clinical fellowship. It is expected that fellow attends the mandatory activities to be able to graduate from the program and become eligible to take the board exam in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism. The fellow shall develop his/her own calendar, which shall include, in addition to the inpatient and outpatient clinical rotations assigned by the Chief Fellow, all mandated activities and the elective of his/her interest.


Year 1

Year 2


Inpatient Endo Consults


Months during Year 2 organized by the Chief Fellow

Outpatient Continuity Clinics


1 session per week for 2 years

Other Endocrine Clinics: General Endocrine, Diabetes, Thyroid, Bone and Mineral



4 or 2 sessions per week, rotation organized by the Chief Fellow. Clinic load of 1st year Fellow is reduced to 2 when rounding

Reproductive Endo Clinic



Sessions per year – by rotation (1/wk X 4 month)

Pediatric Endo Clinic



Sessions per year – by rotation (1/wk X 4 month)

Thyroid Biopsy



Sessions per year – by rotation (1/wk X 4 month)

Case Presentations


Case presentations with review of literature –by rotation (9 cases per year for each Fellow)

Core Curriculum Seminars (Endocrine Grand Rounds)


Attendance is required. Each Fellow contributes an average of 3 core curriculum lectures per year.

Medical Grand Rounds


Fellows are required to attend these rounds.

Case Discussion and ESAP review


1 hour weekly session with Dr. Linea Rydstedt

Journal Clubs


Journal club presentation by rotation.

Research Seminar


Clinical or basic research presented by a faculty

Other Conferences/Lectures


Fellows are encouraged to attend conferences and lectures offered at other divisions/departments

Research Project

Project is selected during year 1. Fellows should complete their project by year 2 and present their findings in one of the research conferences.

Endocrine Society Meeting

Fellows attend the Annual Endocrine Meeting

Other Endocrine National Conferences: ADA, AACE, ASBMR, ATA, AFMR, ASCI, Neuroscience, Pituitary, etc.

The Fellows attend a second national conference. 2nd year Fellows are encouraged to develop an interest in a hormonal system and attend one of the more focused meetings: ASBMR, ADA, ATA, etc.

Endocrine Board Review Intensive Courses


2nd year Fellows attend one endocrine board review course organized by the Endocrine Society, AACE or other academic institutions (Harvard, Yale, etc.)

Duties of Chief Fellow


2nd year Fellows are assigned the duties of Chief Fellow by rotation, each for 4 months.

Semi-Annual Evaluation

Fellows submit self-evaluation which is discussed with the program director

Fellowship Improvement and Core Curriculum Committee


Discussion with the program directors and/or faculty