Case Discussion, Review of ESAP questions, and Small Group Session

  • Educational Purpose: To develop critical thinking and practical approach toward complex endocrine disorders in a small group session.  It also helps fellows review ESAP questions which will help them prepare for the Endocrine board exam.
  • Teaching Method: Trainees meet with a faculty to discuss cases they encountered or cases from the literature. They discuss the etiology, the pathophysiology, the approach toward diagnosis and the management options. They review relevant literature together.  The group also discussed ESAP questions and together review Endocrine disease guidelines prepared by the different societies and association.  
  • Disease Mix: Include all types of endocrine diseases mixed with other multiple medical problems.
  • Procedures and Services: Not relevant
  • Evaluation: The faculty evaluate trainee preparedness and interaction. In turn, trainees evaluates the effectiveness of the faculty.
  • Frequency: These sessions are 2-3 hours and are held weekly