Fellow Journal Club

  • Educational Purpose: To expose trainees, on a continuing basis, to critical reading of the emerging endocrine literature. Participation in Journal Club also provides instruction in clinical epidemiology, biostatistics and in clinical decision theory.
  • Teaching Methods: Trainees will be expected to present analyses of assigned papers in the current literature or of papers of their own selection. Their presentation will include analysis of experimental groups and design, methodology of measurements and of statistical analysis. Others, including faculty, will interact with the trainee.
  • Disease Mix: Literature relating to all endocrine diseases will be discussed during the training program.
  • Procedures and Services: As research concerning endocrine procedures or services is published, those papers may come under discussion in Journal Club.
  • Evaluation: Trainee's performance in this venue will be part of their evaluation by the faculty. In turn, trainees will evaluate faculty as facilitators of the Journal Club and as participants.
  • Journal Clubs: Are scheduled at monthly intervals.