Required Scholary Activity

Trainees in this program are expected to carry out research and participate in other scholarly activity.

During the first year, trainees are expected to learn about the research interest of the faculty members, by attending research seminars, Journal Clubs, or by direct interaction initiated by the faculty, trainee or program director.

In general, trainees should reach an agreement to carry out research with a specific faculty member before the end of the first year of the program. This allows the trainee to learn the literature concerning the research area and begin, by repeated interaction with the faculty mentor, to formulate an experimental design. The Trainees shall present their completed research project in one of the research conferences organized by the program at least one month before their projected graduation from the program such as in May.

Trainees are encouraged to write up and publish interesting cases that they encounter during their training. Finally, faculty is encouraged to ask trainees to participate in writing of invited chapters or reviews, with appropriate authorship designation.