Wael Taha, M.D.

Wael Taha, M.D.

M.D., Assistant Professor (Clinician-Educator), Program Director Endocrinology Fellowship, Medical Fellow/Resident/Student Instruction

University Health Center
4201 St. Antoine, Suite 4H
Detroit, MI 48201



Wael Taha, M.D.

I welcome you to the Detroit Medical Center/Wayne State University fellowship program in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism. My area of interest is bone and mineral metabolism. As Program Director I take great pride in working hard to prepare trainees to become excellent clinicians and scientists. I encourage you to engage in discussion with our faculty and fellows and to attend our educational sessions, especially grand rounds. Here at Wayne State/DMC you will be exposed to a diversity of pathology that is second to none!

Post Graduate Training

Dr. Taha received his medical degree at Aleppo University School of Medicine in Syria and completed Residency in Lab-Medicine at Damascus University. He completed his residency training in Internal medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and fellowship in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism at Wayne State University/Detroit Medical Center. He served as Chief Fellow during his Endocrinology fellowship. Dr. Taha was a Research Fellow and T32 NIH grant recipient at Wayne State University. He also served as Clinical Assistant Professor before becoming Assistant Professor and Program Director of the Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism.

Areas of Interest

Bone and mineral metabolism


Calcium Homeostasis and Major Hypercalcemic disorders
Metabolic Bone Diseases Osteoporosis, IM grand round, Department of Medicine, WSUSOM

Paget disease of the Bone, Rheum grand round, WSUSOM

Calcium Physiology & Major Calcium Disorders, ENT, grand round, WSUSOM

Vitamin D, Concepts, Methods and Path to Endocrine Research Course, Division of Endocrinology, WSUSOM 

Osteoporosis: Challenges in Therapy, Rheumatology Annual Symposium Calcium
Physiology & Calcium Disorders, Endocrine grand round, WSUSOM Osteoporosis, public education session, DMC

Glucocorticoid induced osteoporosis, Rheum grand round, WSUSOM
Prevent The Fracture, Rheum grand round, WSUSOM

Calcium Homeostasis and Metabolic Bone diseases, Med/Ped grand round
Vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency, Annual Endocrine Symposium

Approach to Fragile Bone, Dept. of Internal Medicine grand round

CKD-MBD, Endocrine Division grand round

Calcium Homeostasis and Disorders of Calcium Metabolism

Pathophysiology and Management of Diabetes in Obesity,
SAMS-NAAMA Joint Symposium, Southfield, MI




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Review Articles:

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